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Blood Balance Formula

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-09)

Food is by far the most effective and powerful Blood Balance Formula Review cure for type 2 diabetes. Unlike medications that do nothing but treat symptoms, food has the ability to actually go after the root cause. When used the right way, you can actually reverse high blood sugar and get your life back.Here's how to harness the power of food to reverse diabetes: Food For Weight Loss:Another false notion turned upside down is that eating too much sugar causes insulin resistance. Although a high sugar diet won't do your blood sugar levels any favors, sugar's role is not a cause and effect relationship.In fact, most scientists now feel that type 2 diabetes is caused from the excess inflammation created by fat cells. That's why someone who is overweight has a much greater chance of developing diabetes. In fact, 80% of people with this condition are overweight.That is also why losing significant amounts of weight tantamounts to a real-life cure. A study published in Diabetic Medicine found weight loss not only significantly reduced the impact of diabetes, but also discovered each 2lbs of weight lost translated into four months of extra lifespan. How's that for a motivator!The best diet for weight loss is a plant-based diet jam-packed with fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean meats, and whole grains... and limited processed food.Food and Inflammation... A Double Edged Sword:The power of food is a two way street. Certain foods like fish, beans, and produce cause inflammation to free-fall, while others such as refined grains, sugar, and trans fats actually increase inflammation.If you are serious about improving your blood sugar, it's crucial the foundation of your diet is anti-inflammatory foods and limits, or eliminates, pro-inflammatory foods.