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by Mathew John (2020-03-09)

Get your blood pressure checked. High Sonus Complete Review blood pressure is a major contributor to the severity of the ringing in your ears. Depending on the severity or otherwise of your blood pressure your doctor may recommend medication or exercise to control it or even both. May I suggest that whatever you decide you still include exercise as an option. Exercise not only helps you to reduce your blood pressure but also helps to relieve stress. And as stress is one of the 4 main causes of tinnitus exercise just has to be good for you. So, first tip, fix the ringing in your ears by having your blood pressure and doing a bit of exercise.While you are visiting your doctor ask him to check out your ears. Another cause of the ringing in your ears can be excessive ear wax in the ear canal and compacted up against the ear drum. If you do have excessive ear wax your doctor can very easily remove it by syringing your ear. I know when I had it done I was really worried the syringing procedure was going to make the ringing pressure but it was actually a very comfortable process and not at all unpleasant. So, second tip, get your ears checked for wax and have it removed if there is too much.