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by Regina Fancy (2020-03-10)

Infection: An ear infection can also cause Sonus Complete Reviews tinnitus. The inflammation of the inner ear which an infection causes can lead to ringing in the ears.Meniere's Disease: Meniere's Disease is another common ringing ears cause. The symptoms of this disease often include tinnitus along with hearing loss and vertigo. This condition is typically caused by an imbalance in inner ear pressure.Wax Buildup: An excessive buildup of earwax can lead to ringing in the ears. Out of any ringing ears cause, this is the easiest to treat; in most cases, simply removing the earwax will put an end to the case of tinnitus.However, wax buildup may not necessarily be the root cause; the tinnitus will persist after removing this wax if there is another issue which is producing the ringing in your ears.Otosclerosis: Otosclerosis is a problem which affects the mobility of the small bones in the middle ear. This condition commonly causes tinnitus.Acoustic Neuroma: These are benign tumors which can place pressure on the auditory nerve as they grow, causing a chronic buzzing or ringing in the ears. While not generally life threatening, these tumors need to be removed surgically to correct the tinnitus they cause.High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease: Hypertension and heart disease can also cause tinnitus. The heightened pressure of the cardiovascular system at work can produce sounds which are perceived by the ears as buzzing or ringing.The above are only the most common causes of ringing in the ears and there are many other possibilities. Stress, diabetes, allergic reactions can cause tinnitus as well and it is even known to be a side effect of certain medications.