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by Regina Fancy (2020-03-11)

A slowdown in erectile performance is an StrictionD Review inevitable part of aging and something that all males eventually have to come to terms with. It is such a shame that so many diabetic men hasten this process by ignoring the warnings they receive from their own bodies... especially when type 2 diabetes can be simply managed if detected early enough.The link between type 2 diabetes and penile failure lies in the effect that high blood sugar levels have on the human body. In a nutshell the faulty blood, the blood containing high levels of sugar, damages the blood vessels that it was intended to feed... this happens gradually, and many of the tiny blood vessels in the male penis may already be permanently damaged before emerging impotence becomes apparent. This means that if you are a male type 2 diabetic and choose to ignore medical advice, then you may literally be allowing the joy of sex to ebb away.If you have high blood sugar levels often, and one of the following is also true of you, then you could well already be a few steps along the way to erectile dysfunction: If you are a type 2 diabetic male, and sex is important to you, then this is what you need to do right away: self monitor your blood sugar levels regularly and keep them under control adopt a regular exercise routine and follow a healthy eating plan do something about your weight work on your blood pressure and cholesterol level stop smoking Don't despair if doing all of the above does not get you back to schoolboy standards. Assuming there is no permanent damage to your blood vessels, ask your doctor to suggest the best measures to combat this.