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Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-13)

Eyes are the only organs Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review of our body that are located at the outside of the body. And we use them for almost everything that we do. They are vulnerable to damages because they only have a very thin protector - the eyelids. So we should pay more attention to them than other organs. Since it is impossible to free our eyes totally from working, we should come up with some techniques that can make us enjoy what we are doing with relaxed eyes. You will understand how to do that after reading this article. Reading should be enjoyable to eyes. Reading itself will not damage our eyes. But the posture we take and the time we use to read will. Reading in bed or in a comfortable chair would make it enjoyable because it is relaxing in those postures. The less time you spend on reading, the less stressed your eyes will be. The material you are reading will also determine if you are straining your eyes. It is different to read a novel from a text book where there is much information that is new to you. When the information is difficult or uninteresting, your eyes need more energy to concentrate. This will strain our eyes. Look away from TV and PC times in an hour. Watching TV and using PC to play games or surf online are things that are intriguing. But they can be very harmful to the eyes because of radiation. The good way to relax and refresh the eyes is to look away from them from time to time, preferably every quarter. You can avoid watching TV for most time of the day, if you will. But it is difficult to avoid the computer though. So relaxing would become even more required in this respect. Sunning is another way to keep our eyes healthy. Sunshine is very wonderful source of Vitamin D. Minutes of sunning everyday can keep our eyes bright. But don't look directly into the sun. Use sunglasses or hat to protect your eyes. This seems impossible for most of the office clerks though. However, you can just walk out of the building and enjoy the sun during the lunch break. You can make it if you want. And you will find it totally worth it later on. The advent of contact lenses have induced hype in the contact lens industry which is increasing as each day goes by. The young stars and the people suffering from vision problems have started showing interest in color contact lenses. People with vision disorders are even looking forward to these colored lenses which help them in changing their eye color as well as their personality as a whole. Before people could never think of changing their original eye color but the exciting options provided by the contact lens manufacturers have really given a boost to this industry.