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Diabetes Freedom

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-22)

In America and some other countries they Diabetes Freedom Reviewn use a different measurement and their normal blood sugar readings are calculated in a different measurement that being mg/dl as opposed to mmol/l as in the UK. (Normal reading in USA are 70-130). I here and do state that of course I have suffered from diabetes but only on a temporary basis. I have had hypos which have had 999 (911) calls. As well as so many to mention I do not care to remember where they have frazzled my brain. Last one yesterday! As well as having the dreaded Ketones where your mouth so dry its like the desert sand at the hottest part of day and your stomach being twisted in a vice like type grip!With all this said about suffering please remember that is just in that moment of time. Long term complications I do not suffer from. Yes I:- Smoke (But quitting before 2010 shall update @ said date) Drink (But not to excess) Sweet Eater (Yes I like me chocolate bars and boiled sweets) Suffer from Stress (Who does not in this world?) What do I do then to make sure all cool with me? Simple I check my blood sugars every day and aim to be as close as possible to normal in my blood sugar at least. I also participate in a healthy way of thinking via NLP. What is your story? Has your health care provider given you a diagnosis of pre-diabetes? Your blood sugar levels are a little high... does it mean more to you than that? Pre-diabetes is exactly what the name infers... before diabetes. But it relates to type 2 diabetes, not type 1.