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Brilliance SF Skincare

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-25)

Pregnancy is the sign of motherhood and every Brilliance SF Skincare Review proud mother knows how it feels when the final day draws near. Associated with pregnancy are a number of changes that a woman's body undergoes, where the most noticeable one being the appearance of stretch marks on the body. As the body gets ready to bear the weight of the new baby who is still developing in the womb, the stomach is stretched beyond all limits and a stage comes when the stretching continues though the skin around the stomach cannot handle the pressure. The elasticity of the skin breaks up and there are web like appearances on the lower abdomen and the stomach that are commonly called as stretch marks.Avoiding pregnancy stretch marks is one important stage every woman would want since women know that sometime somewhere, these marks could cause a lot of embarrassment and distress. To get rid of these worries, most women prefer following a strict regimen during the months of pregnancy. The doctor prescribes light exercises, unwinding and being closer to the family, de-stressing and light wholesome food that would provide all the nutrition and protein that the mother and the baby would require for those important days.Avoiding pregnancy stretch marks is not too difficult. Continued application of a good oil based lotion, cocoa butter, coconut oil and skin packs are suggested to keep these marks away. This may be perfectly true for some, but there have been instances which prove the stubborn marks will appear. It is here that the dermatologist and the doctor can help. In cases where these marks still stay on as stubborn as ever, doctors would be glad to suggest the laser surgery which removes these unsightly blemishes once and for all. Avoiding these marks is possible if the job to keep them away begins once pregnancy is announced rather than at a very later stage when these marks have already appeared.