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Diabetes Freedom

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-26)

Diabetes Pilot records glucose measurements, Diabetes Freedom Review insulin and other medicine, meals, exercise, blood pressure, test results, and other notes. It tracks the carbohydrate, calories, fat, protein, fiber, sodium, cholesterol and other nutrients in the foods that you eat. Diabetes Pilot has an integrated food database with information on thousands of foods, including hundreds of fast foods. It helps you see trends in your blood sugars, medications, diet, and other areas with various reports and graphs. It lets you categorize records by time of day or any other system that you'd like, further helping you to find important patterns. It also allows you to transfer your data in various ways for further analysis and communication with your health care team.Type 2 diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves and decrease the body's ability to fight infection. You may not notice a foot injury until an infection develops. Diabetes is running rampant in our country. Diabetes can also occur in animals. Most commonly occurs in middle age to older dogs and cats, but occasionally occurs in young animals. When diabetes occurs in young animals, it is often genetic and may occur in related animals. Treatment is based on the severity of the disease. Cats with ketoacidosis require prompt intensive care, which usually includes fluid therapy and short-acting insulin injections.