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Vision 20/20 Protocol

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-27)

It seems that sunglasses now play much greater Vision 20/20 Protocol Review role in our lives when every summer comes. The reason is very simple- all of us now pay more attention to vision protection and glamour enhancement. In fact, the top sunglasses in the market are much better than we can ever imagine, with much wider options and powerful utility. Among so many items in the industry, brown sunglasses are very typical and popular among wearers of different ages, social strata, etc. Why can there sun glasses become so hot? Because these brown sun eye wear can satisfy almost all vision needs we have.From the perspective of color, we have a lot of options though they are called brown. There are complete pure brown sun glasses, but most brown sun glasses are mixed with other colors, like pink, silver, red, blue, green and so on. Anyway, brown is the main element on those sun wear. Usually, the brown can be tinted on both the lenses and frames. If the lenses are brown, the frames can be tinted with either brown or the aforesaid colors; accordingly, if the frames are brown or tinted with brown and other colors, the lenses can be in any colors, like the above mentioned colors.As for their frames, there are brown sun wear of different shapes. Generally, brown are made in shapes of round, oval rectangle, wrapped or unwrapped. For example, some brown sun wear are made in an exaggerating way, with very large black wrapped oval frames- showing some sort of surrealism; some are made in very traditional ways, with very simple and relative large frames. Of course, the selecting of frames shapes is mainly linked with our facial shapes, but not always so.