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Dream Sculpting

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-28)

Results oriented thinking and the Dream Sculpting Review science behind it is not new. However, it is in the forefront of our global society right now. The science of results oriented thinking is the understanding that everything showing up in your life right now is there because you created it with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Millions of People are becoming aware of how their personal success reflects their thoughts, feelings and actions. People are beginning to study how this results oriented sciences works and they are applying it in their daily life to achieve unrivaled success.The science of results oriented thinking studies how your thoughts produce your health, your success, your relationships, how much money you make, how you live your life and even what happens in your life. This science teaches you how to optimize your success in life. It teaches you how to become aware of how you are creating your life and how to create the life you actually want.Because the world is becoming aware of this process, millions of people are moving toward living their lives more deliberately. People are beginning to take a more responsible role in the creation of their success in life and in relationships. In the science of results oriented thinking you may call this building a life my design. In this science we understand that thinking is a tool that produces results. We understand that our thinking is not who we are. For instance you are not an angry person or a depressed person.