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Uncompromised Life

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-30)

Honor yourself and always show your Self Uncompromised Life Review respect. Pay attention to how you talk to you. Send messages that build and reinforce your self worth. Treat your Self the way you treat your best friend. In fact, become your best friend After all, wherever you go-there you are. Be your biggest fan and most loyal follower. Meet your physical needs for clean air and water, deep sleep, nutritious food, recreation, and relaxation. You may be a Divine Being, but you live in a human body with physical and emotional needs.Listen to your Spirit. When you feel something in your gut, know that voice is your Soul speaking to you. Honor the message and follow any instruction. Your Spirit only tells you actions that are in your highest and best interest. So, not listening goes against your highest and best interests. Have you ever not followed a hunch, then later wished you had?Those five actions will get you started on your routine of loving your Self first. Remember that loving your Self is not selfish. It is mandatory. You cannot give what you do not have-respect, honor, or love.Nothing on earth happens purely by accident. A person is living because he was meant to live, and he has talents and abilities that are totally his own or her own, unique to him or her. Your job then, as a person, is to learn to be yourself. If you do, you will like yourself. I believe you will discover, you are quite a person after all. You will recognize and accept the things that you cannot do as well. You will also understand and appreciate those things that have been given to you, to do well.You will accept yourself for what you really are, one of a kind, as different from anyone else, as much as your fingerprint or signature.