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Wildfit Quest

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-31)

This is more of a prominent problem at Wildfit Quest Review the beginning of the year, when we decide to make so many fresh starts, but it is something that happens to many people through out the whole year, every year. So how do we get around this problem, how do we successfully start a new lifestyle and then keep to that lifestyle.The first thing is to not set our targets to high, so many people go full flow into a diet or exercise routine that is to harsh, they are setting themselves up for failure from the outset. Cutting down the amount we normally eat to a drastic level is basically depriving our bodies, then on top of this setting unrealistic physical demands on our body that has not been use to exercise is madness. The secret is to start small and build, plan small cuts in the amount we eat and small changes is the type of food we eat, so we bring our daily food consumption down over time and we move from unhealthy food to healthy food over time (but always keep a few treats in our diet). We also set small amounts of exercise and gradually build on that base as our bodies get use to the exercise.By planning our new lifestyle in gradual phases we will ensure a far higher success rate. We have to keep in mind that we will not see results over night, just know that if we are consistent, then the results will come. The second thing we need to do to achieve our new lifestyle goal is to keep ourselves motivated, this can be the hardest part and it is only made even harder when we pile on the pressure of food deprivation and an exercise program that is far to demanding for us to up hold. It is easier to keep on track if we set our plan in manageable phases.