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Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

by Regina Fancy (2020-04-05)

Mince pies Avocado pear Alcohol The very Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review things that I personally love. Its not all that funny either, because as you well know they go down so sweetly. Who can resist that extra glass of wine, or after meal drink? Who says know to the mid-afternoon/evening mince pie? You can keep your chocolate, that's really easy to count the calories. You can say 'no' because they are obviously not the right thing. You have practiced all year saying 'no' to chocolate. But mince pies? Ah, now that's different.I think that it's because mince pies only come around once a year. Okay, so you can make them at any time of the year but we don't, do we? No, they come along all innocent like at Christmas, pretending that they are healthy. Oh yes they do! All that fruit... and so so very little pastry. And if you choose the ones that don't have the icing sugar on you are probably alright. And you can always avoid the clotted cream or pouring cream or even the brandy butter that is being offered alongside, can't you.Well allow me to let you into a little secret, those little blighters are evil! In each pie there is 250 diet destroying calories! Aaargh! That's almost a whole meal for what you have been eating the rest of the year. Goodbye starving yourself on crisp breads. Goodbye all those good intentions.So what about the seemingly innocent avocado pear? One of those wouldn't fill you up. And it's a fruit. Lets have it as a starter, maybe with some prawns and 'thousand island dressing'. One pear: 300 calories! Think again!Right, lets get onto alcohol. Goes down smoothly, right? But do you know how many calories are in something like a shot of vodka? More than that, do you know where all the calories from vodka go? Actually it's not just vodka, it's all alcohol. It goes into you and straight onto the one area of anatomy you really don't want it going. It's not good.