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by Mathew John (2020-03-11)

The most common type of blood glucose meter StrictionD Review is the testing strip reader; these devices require that patients draw a drop of blood and place it on a specially treated strip, which is then chemically analyzed in the meter to provide an accurate reading of the current levels of sugar in the bloodstream. Newer monitoring systems can provide continuous readings, but they typically require that a sensor be worn at all times. This can prove impractical for some patients, but it provides the highest degree of protection against blood sugar spikes or unexpected hypoglycemic incidents.Type 1 and some Type 2 diabetic patients who require insulin injections to control their diabetes have a number of options available to deliver the insulin into their bloodstreams. While syringes continue to be the most popular method, newer insulin injection devices can provide added convenience for diabetes patients and, in some cases, may allow more accurate, faster delivery of the needed insulin. Insulin pens offer disposable convenience. Some models are designed to use small pre-filled cartridges that can be tossed after use, while other pen-style insulin injection devices are fully disposable after one or more uses.