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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Mathew John (2020-03-13)

Every single cell's membrane has embedded The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review molecules of cholesterol within it, regulating the liquidity, structural integrity and permeability of the membrane as well as signal transduction pathways. It is an important component of bile acids (regulates the absorption of fats and vitamins in the intestine), hormones and fat soluble vitamins (A,E,D,K). To make a long story short, cholesterol is a multi functional molecule with crucial role from a cellular to a whole - body level. We would not survive without it.Unfortunately cholesterol presence has been associated with atherosclerosis, a hypothesis which is in complete disagreement with the fact that this very molecule is so undeniably necessary for numerous body and cell functions. The truth is that cholesterol indeed forms a lining on the inner surface of the blood vessels, keeping them elastic and strong so that they can withstand alterations in the blood pressure which would otherwise result in the vessels tearing apart.