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by Jerome Princy (2020-03-15)

Everyone is different and LumaSlim Review what works to help you beat stress may not work for anyone else...and what works in one situation might not work in all situations. Take note...and write down...what feels good for you, what brought you a sense of relief. Then the next time you are feeling stressed, try that technique again. By repeating the successful relaxation technique you will develop a new healthy habit that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Bonus Secret Weapon Against Stress: Drink Up! Water, that is! When we retain fluids...which stress can cause us to do...we often scale back on our water consumption, which is exactly opposite of what we should do. When anxious we will reach for comfort drinks in addition to foods...alcohol, coffee, sodas...don't make them off-limits, but be conscious of your liquid consumption as well. Not only do a lot of these drinks contain lots of empty calories (coffee has no calories, but that latte or frappe...another story entirely) they contain chemicals that can increase our fluid retention, stimulate our appetite, lead to depression, and actually dehydrate our bodies. When we think of dropping pounds we automatically hone in on the word 'losing'. Without realizing it, that can make us feel like we are giving up something! Unconsciously we can become nervous and fidgety thinking of the food opportunities we will be "losing". There really is something to that. Think about how many social occasions are built around the consumption of food! We could be "losing" out on these special gatherings! At some point in our lives we have to step back and look at just what these food events are costing us. Is it worth our long term health to participate in them? Just because everyone else is joining in, does that make it right?