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Fave Food Diet

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-15)

The answer is obvious and Fave Food Diet Review you know what it is: "I want everyone to know that diet, exercise, accountability and a good support system are all that's needed to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy." That's a quote from Lori Yates who was interviewed in a recent issue of Anytime Fitness magazine talking about how she lost 100 pounds. As I said, you already know this. You are in a fruitless search for the magic pill, the magic diet, the magic prescription. So what is 5 tips to lose stomach fat? It's a program actually by a good friend of mine named Caleb Lee. Caleb is just your regular, normal dude who happens to have around 4-5% body fat and keeps it at that level for all year round. In fact, he kind of shy's away from the spotlight, cameras and showing off his body, which is the complete opposite of a lot of other trainers and fitness enthusiasts that you see online. A lot of people are always asking him how he can keep his body fat levels so low year round and it finally got to him. That's why he created this video presentation on 5 Tips To Lose Stomach Fat and how he created The Super Diet. He basically just got fed up with everyone asking the same questions so he created a no nonsense based system on how he maintain low levels of body fat year round and how you can do the same thing. The whole gist of the entire program is what to eat and when to eat certain foods so you can drop pounds of belly fat without even lifting a finger. I mean, you do have to exercise with the program, which Caleb provides various workout templates and programs for you to follow, but a lot of the success with many who tried The Super Diet credit the eating program entirely to their results. It's pretty crazy that many people still think that a calorie is just a calorie, but truthfully it's not. Protein, carbs, and fats are chemically made up of different compounds; therefore they have different effects on your physiques by affecting certain systems inside of our body. For example, a human being can go years without eating a single carbohydrate and still survive, but that same human being would not be able to go years surviving only on carbohydrates and no protein or fat. In fact that person would have numerous health problems and die as results of such low levels of protein and fat consumption. This is one of the big things he talks about in his system.