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Ultra Manifestation

by Mathew John (2020-03-16)

As you may know, Robert Monroe led the Ultra Manifestation Review out of body experience movement. He dubbed these astral projection vibrations the "Vibration State." Regardless of what you call it, it seems most people describe a sense of energy pulsing throughout the physical body, perhaps concentrated in the head. As the sensations happen again and again, eventually you will feel the weightlessness that's a hallmark of travel.I especially recommend that you set aside some time to read up on astral travel. Once you have a greater understanding of what astral projection vibrations are, and how they are integral to astral travel, I suspect you will have all the confidence you need to concentrate, relax, and go where you're destined to visit.It is really amazing to know that soul searching is even above your intellect or the sixth sense and it cannot be felt with your mind but only with your heart which stores the sediments of your previous lives. Eternity is not a mere word to be awed at, it is a journey that everyone will and must go through at some point of time. The saddest part is, most of us are awakened only when our lives come to an end.