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Fresh Flora

by Mathew John (2020-03-16)

Sometimes, candidiasis can be caused as a Fresh Flora Review result of an injury or problem during surgery or chemotherapy. Other problems and conditions, such as diabetes, pregnancy, birth control pills, and alcohol addiction, can cause candidiasis. Some scented feminine soaps, washes, and other hygiene products can increase the risks associated with yeast infections. You may need to switch to unscented feminine hygiene products and pads instead of tampons.Keep in mind that vaginal infections really aren't sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, men can catch an infection from partners. If you are sexually active, you can risk spreading the infection back and forth with your partner. Even if you get candidiasis treatment, you can end up with the problem all over again if your partner gives it back to you.A yeast infection in women can be diagnosed when there is a white, thick discharge coming from the vagina. This is the most obvious visual sign. Other symptoms include a burning sensation, soreness, itching, and pain during sexual intercourse. You may also feel a burn after urination. Obviously, these signs could be a result of some other condition, which is why doctors must do a full diagnosis on the symptoms by taking a sample from the affected area and studying it in the lab.