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by Mathew John (2020-03-17)

However there are many other approaches you Cyabags Review can take that will prevent the sweat before it even starts. These can save you from those embarrassing and awkward situations.One good way to stop armpit sweating is to apply apple vinegar on your armpits. As the apple vinegar dries in the air, it will soak the sweat pores of your armpits, neutralize any odor causing bacteria and create a drying situation. Overnight, the vinegar will be absorbed by the acid in your armpits and prevent you from sweating all day. In the morning, wash your armpits as you usually would with soap and water.You can also try using baking soda in combination with a deodorant that has a high concentration of aluminum chloride. The way you use the baking soda is to mix a generous amount of it with water until you form a paste. Place the thick paste on your armpits and keep it there for 25 minutes. After this period of time, you can wash it off with water. You need to perform this treatment for several days in a row before you notice less sweating in your armpits.