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Patriot Rise Up

by Mathew John (2020-03-17)

By following the right strategies you will Patriot Rise Up Review no longer be treating cold sores, because you would have found a way to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Sometimes it can take anywhere up to 2 weeks for this problem to heal and disappear and you will have a better healing success if you were able to start an early treatment.Treating a cold sore early is important. The first sign you may notice is a tingling sensation on the skin. As soon as you feel this sensation you need to freeze it with ice. This method will help to reduce the size of the lesion as well as reduce the time it takes to heal once it develops.Some people use a variety of methods when treating cold sores, depending on the various development stages. After you have treated the tingling, you may notice that a small lesion starts to develop. This is when many choose over the counter creams and lotions to try and prevent it from spreading. Swabbing the area with alcohol can help to kill the virus and stop the sore from spreading.