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Gluco Type 2

by Mathew John (2020-03-23)

When selecting your carb foods the glycemic Gluco Type 2 Review index and glycemic load aren't the only considerations. For example white sugar has no nutrients, is high in calories, and moderately high on the glycemic level has no place in a healthy diet. Low processed,nutrient rich,fiber rich, low glycemic index veggies,beans,fruits, and whole grains should be the bottom line to a good blood sugar control reversing diabetes diet.Can I reverse my diabetes? Is there a cure for diabetes? This sort of questions hit very hard whenever a person or his loved one is diagnosed with diabetes. The same was the case with me when only at the age of 30 my husband was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.I was completely shocked; as I used to think that this is the dilemma with others and it can never hit my family.Like many others it took me few days to get out of the despair. Initially I thought it was better to hit by a bus than to be hit by this disease. But after that I understood that this is what the life is.