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Clear Nails Plus

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-24)

Over pronation is what Clear Nails Plus Review causes plantar fasciitis to appear in people with flat feet in the first place, and this must be corrected. A fairly easy way of doing this is by wearing proper shoes that are capable of absorbing shock, and also provide the feet with a normal arch position. Cushioned soles are a solution, but only if their shape corresponds. In general, preventing plantar fasciitis should include the use of proper footwear that does not cause the plantar fascia to stretch abnormally. Your doctor may also recommend you ice packs that you must apply on the inflamed tissue, in order to help reduce the inflammation in the plantar fascia, as well as anti-inflammatory medications. However, these can only help you temporarily, and, in case you suffer from chronic heel pain, you need to appeal to more reliable solutions that can correct the problem in the long run. Long term solutions It is recommended to start with the aforementioned advice when dealing with plantar fasciitis and heel pain. However, if your situation does not improve, after six weeks, it is time to let your doctor know about it. Especially for people with flat feet, over pronation can modify the shape of the feet to such a great extent that normal footwear cannot correct it. What you need is to get a prescription for orthotics. These are nothing else but custom made shoe inserts that you can use daily in order to help your feet walk correctly on hard surfaces. The main goal of orthotics is to help modify the shape of your feet until the arch drop returns to normal levels and over pronation is no longer a cause for heel pain. The doctor may also recommend night splints. These will help you keep the feet in the correct position, while stretching plantar fascia only lightly. For more extreme situations when it becomes difficult even to walk, health care specialists can recommend a walking cast. While this solution may be more difficult to endure, it is also one that allows your feet to rest in order to help the tissue in plantar fascia heal properly.