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Sonus Complete

by Mathew John (2020-03-24)

It is easy to see how stress could in fact initiate Sonus Complete Review the onset of tinnitus, keeping in mind however that there are any number of conditions than can compound both the stress and the tinnitus, making it impossible to understand which came first the tinnitus or stress. Since stress will attack the parts of the body that are already compromised it is possible to think that the conditions for tinnitus were already present and stress was the catalyst that set the condition in motion.If you are already affected by tinnitus it is important to understand that stress will most definitely make the problem worse. Most tinnitus sufferers report that prolonged stress can double or triple the level of noise they hear. What is worse; because the body perceives tinnitus as a threat, the resultant depression, anxiety and lack of sleep this condition can cause will only increase the stress, which in turn will increase the level of the ringing in your ears. A vicious cycle, it is only by understanding and accepting this cycle and learning to break it that you will find relief for your symptoms.