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Brain C-13

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-25)

WHY CAN'T WE CONFESS WE ARE Brain C-13 Review LONELY? So even though ten percent of the population confesses to loneliness, it is still considered a social stigma to mention it. If you are physically ill; you have a broken leg for example, then you would probably have no problem asking friends for help and they will most likely rush to assist you. However, it is so difficult to admit to loneliness or any kind of mental weakness. And even if you do, even the closest of friends are unsure of how to act, they may even avoid you through embarrassment or awkwardness. First, realize that it is not uncommon to feel lonely from time to time. If you enjoy time by yourself, then take that time and do not worry about society's pressures to go out and be super sociable all the time. However, if your loneliness continues for a sustained period of time, it can be harmful to your well being so take these action steps. Skip the saturated fat, sugar and alcohol which are almost sure to make you feel worse. Try to take up regular exercise, particularly an exercise that will also focus your mind too such as martial arts, ballroom dancing, tennis lessons or even something more novel such as circus skills. For many, it may be a simple case of picking up the phone and arranging to meet up with a friend. Or perhaps volunteering for a local charity to meet new people, or joining a local club or hobby society. Often, when we are in a panic state, our breathing becomes short and shallow. When breathing is short, our body will not get enough oxygen and we experience hyperventilation.