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Overnight Millionaire System

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-26)

There are regular daily Overnight Millionaire System Review activities that allow us to sabotage our future goals completion. Video games, television, phone, talking, drinking, smoking, fishing, golfing, traveling, internet, texting, sleeping, and many more hazards. I want you to take this reality check as a sign for you to take a good look at yourself. Answer those questions that I posed as a way to examine where you are headed in life. So to beat procrastination for good you must do several things. The first is to make a list of your short and long term goals. Write out a daily schedule that will incorporate all of the required tasks for your short term goals. Your short term goals should be based around accomplishing your long term goals. Go through your free time just like you do at work. You must stick to your schedule like a boss is telling you to do it. You will get urges to astray and do something relaxing. You must tell yourself that the leisure is going to cause failure and do not listen to emotion. You will have a strong feeling of dislike for a lot of the tasks related to your schedule. You then tell yourself when discouraged that this is necessary for you to live how you want. Turn off your phone, lock yourself in a room, and do not leave until each task is completed. You will be mentally fighting with yourself. Do not let the emotions win. Logic should always be the one in control. To beat procrastination for good you must fight every lazy emotion until it has passed. You must stay on task, and very organized. You must be a performance machine.