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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-27)

FEAR - can be as a result of The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review feeling that life and your health is out of control. These feeling will subside as you begin to understand what has happened and learn how you can take control again. ANGER - it is possible to feel anger at hospital staff, family and friends, along with that is also the feelings of guilt. Talking to those around you will be very beneficial, be open and honest about how you are feeling. DEPRESSION this is extremely common after any life changing experience. Symptoms include loss of appetite, poor sleeping patterns, lost of interest in the outside world. Some find that they are weepy for no apparent reason. There is no shame in crying and it can often be a way of releasing emotional tension. If the feelings of depression continue, then go and speak with your Doctor. ACCEPTANCE of what has happened is the stage at which you will find that you can move forward. Your life will have changed but it can be both happy and rewarding. You will also find that family and friends can also go through similar mix of emotions. As a result relationships can be deepened as you both share your emotions and hopes and dreams for the future. You will be invited to attend a heart rehabilitation exercise class, which will teach you how to deal with your stress as well as giving you confidence to get back to normal life again. By looking at your lifestyle, with the help of the cardiac rehabilitation team, you will be helped to identify risk factors that are having an adverse affect on your health, and which brought you to this point in time.