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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-27)

The endothelial cells are The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review the cells that line the interior of your arteries. Where ever these cells are killed off gaps form and foam cells rush end to fill the void. Scavenger cells too are killed off by oxidized particles dumping caustic chemicals which produce more damage to the arterial wall. These oxidize particles continue to create and grow atherosclerotic lesions which begins to resemble an open wound.. It is estimated that oxidized cholesterol is 30 times more potent in growing cholesterol plaque than triglycerides. Now that we have an idea with regard to the problem what can we do about it? The answer really lies, I believe in the process. Unless there is some type of genetic malfunction going on the body is producing cholesterol and it's particles for a reason. The underlying reason the body is producing cholesterol is to repair damage of artery walls partly done by oxidation. So what causes oxidation? Oxidation is a process of life but there are conditions that exacerbate the process such as poor diet, pollution, drugs, radiation, stress, injury, aging and infection. Eating a diet in foods that have high anti-oxidant properties would be the first step in really getting to underlying cause of cardiovascular disease. Second I believe would be supplementation with anti-oxidants like, grape seed extract, Vitamin C, Co Enzyme Q10 and many more. If you reduce oxidation in your body, then your body will do what it is designed to do, take care of you. However, your body will only take care of you if you give it what it needs. For the most part you are in the drivers seat, your body is only doing what you are giving it the directions to do.