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Dream Sculpting

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-27)

From this knowledge new Dream Sculpting Review approaches can be developed and future project teams may be able to avoid repeating the same pitfalls. Of course, when a project is less than successful, there are always lessons to be learned. However, these lessons require a different approach. The goal should be to determine what worked and what didn't - not to find blame. If you start from a position of seeking to blame, you will not get truthful answers. Everyone will tell you what they think you want to hear. They will be trying to protect themselves from the possibility of being singled out and put on the spot. Those who know they were part of the problem may already be punishing themselves. The goal is to gain information so the problem does not occur again. To create an environment in which people want to work together for continuous improvement, approach it as a problem-solving session - with the emphasis on "problem-solving" and not on blaming or punishing. Your goal is to gather information to improve the process for a successful outcome the next time. Analyze what happened - not who did it! Ask for what was learned After gathering input from everyone's perspective, create Best Practices to avoid a repeat situation. Once Best Practices have been determined and agreed upon, be sure to communicate them across the department or organization so others may benefit as well. Make a habit of reviewing each project with those involved to maximize future success. Every success starts in the mind. No million was every made by anyone who did not have the power to think. However, it is a specific way of thinking that attracts success. The Law of Attraction basic principle is "Like attracts Like." Thus, if you are constantly thinking about success, you will achieve success.