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Fungus Hack

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-27)

Whether they were work shoes or Fungus Hack Review play shoes, they never felt that great. Now that I wear VFF almost every day, my balance has improved tenfold. I can now hang with the big dogs in yoga class and not feel as though my body is rebelling against all those great balancing poses. You can use topical anti-fungals, take prescription medication, have your nails surgically removed, use laser therapy or any combination of these treatments. While there may be different ways to treat your toenails, doctors agree that it is best to treat the fungus as soon as it is noticed. Lamisil is the most commonly prescribed pill to treat nail fungus. Until recently, oral medication was considered the "gold standard" treatment for this condition. Studies have proven that Lamisil is 81% effective and is a very safe medication. In order to receive a prescription, you need to have a nail biopsy confirm that the toenail is fungal. Additionally, a liver function blood test needs to be performed to make sure that your liver is functioning normally. Lamisil is filtered through the liver. If there is a problem with your liver, the medication can make the problems worse. If your liver is functioning normally, studies have shown that Lamisil will not cause any damage to your healthy liver. The most effective way to take this medication is one pill daily for 90 days. Laser therapy is fast replacing prescription medication as the "go to" treatment for nail fungus. There are no pills to take, no side effects, and no interactions with medications. Laser treatment can be tolerated by anyone. Most importantly, laser treatment has been found to be up to 85% effective in test patients. The only downside to laser treatment is that it is not covered by most insurance carriers, so it is an out of pocket expense. Most patients require only one to two sessions, although there are studies that track up to 4 sessions in test patients. Most patients will notice some clearing in the nail at about 2 to 3 months with full clearing seen at about 8 months to 1 year.