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Dream Sculpting

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-27)

In both areas, my desire is that Dream Sculpting Review they both would come to a place of harmony, a place that will not only bless my family but that would be a blessing to those around me. I often find myself being presenting with questions to help me see my way through all of this. These questions I believe come from the Father above, the ultimate coach who is trying to teach me some valuable principle to help propel me to the next level. The question this time was this: "How will you know when?" As I always do I answer the question with a question, "How will I know when what?" Then there is a compassionate response. How will you know when you have reached the level of success that you desire in your heart? How will you measure that what you have done or doing is what God has called you to do? How will tell you that you have completed the assignment that you believe has been set before you? Hmmm. I thought, I guess if I did not have any goals are milestones in place I will never know. That if I didn't have some type of measurable plan, a strategic one, that identify tasks and the core process to reach the goals, I would never know. Setting goals and creating a plan and a process helps us to identity where we are and where we going. The plan is the place of destination. And without it we will not know when we have arrived. With that,I want to emphasize to you that setting goals for your life is of the utmost importance. Listed below you will find a series of questions to help formulate a framework for setting some goals and to help you achieve them. What do you want for yourself, for others, and for life, personally? What is truly most important to you? What is that you want in your professional career? What do you want your clients to walk way with? Why do you do what you do? What is that you have to offer a client professionally? What makes what you offer that is so unique?