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Dream Sculpting

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-28)

As a matter of fact, the Dream Sculpting Review term snake oil comes from the treatment for inflammation and pain that used to be a popular liniment in the old Wild West. As a matter of fact, snake oil is still used, where it originated, in China. But today, it is used as a common phrase to imply things that are fake or ineffective. So, we've been dealing with snake oil, in both its forms, for years. But you know what the problem is and it always has been the problem? Someone comes up with a legitimate idea or product that works just as it says it will work and it doesn't take two minutes for copycat manufacturers to jump on the success bandwagon and tote products that imply the same or better effectiveness of the original product but fails to deliver. Unfortunately, it hurts all that are involved. The original inventor has to in many cases defend his or her product. Plus the buyer who now has a worthless product with no course for reconciliation. Only the snake oil vendor seems to get away and even gleans a profit out of it! So the question to be asked is how do you avoid snake oil products or ideas, since there is no success in them? One thing that seems to follow fake ideas or products is a time limit. You have to purchase today before it's too late! I'm sure you've heard that before. Another thing that seems to be an indicator is the seller seems way too interested in your money and little else. But sometimes this is hard to ascertain. My recommendation is to try and talk to the company or person who is selling the idea or product you are interested in. If you find that author to be totally inaccessible that may be a bad sign. I do realize that some people just cannot answer every query, but if you cannot even talk to other satisfied clients, then I'd get real shy, real fast Listen, you have choices every moment of your life. You can take responsibility for what is in your power and be response-able, able to respond proactively to whatever or whoever threatens to undermine your peace of mind or security. Or you can turn our channel to "Woe is me," curl up in a corner somewhere, and lament/whine/complain/judge who or what is wreaking havoc in your life.