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Dream Sculpting

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-28)

Value what you have and discover Dream Sculpting Review the real meaning as to why you've embarked upon this journey. You are your biggest obstacle and greatest critic. Praise yourself and appreciate every moment of the journey; its well worth it. Poor--Don't sell yourself short. Even the poor have great aspirations. Give yourself the best you can give yourself. The Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself what you believe. Believe the best of you and in you. Live as if you have your goal attained. Follow the plan that you set forth into motion and make it be progress. When you find yourself in times of peril or giving up, think Performance--Be Thankful at every moment. But don't forget, just because you dream it, feel it, taste it, and see it, doesn't mean that you can't lose it. Keep steady to the course, the plan. Be true to yourself. Remember, everything worth having in life takes hard work and dedication. Get in there and sweat for it. Work hard to achieve your goal. In my own words, "Run through the finish line, not to it!" Applications of the 7 P's to Success in Everyday Life The reality is that The 7 P's to Success can be applied to everyday life. From career to family life, from personal enrichment to encountering God, The 7 P's to Success provide us with a road map to life and daily living. I say its a guide, because we can also chose to make a conscious choice and not follow this. Everyone, from the teenager trying to discover self-identity to the CEO of a major corporation can apply The 7 P's to Success, and adapting them to their specific circumstance. Individuals can use The 7 P's to Success to better their lives and achieve their goals. Parents can apply The 7 P's to Success to raising the children. Managers can employ The 7 P's to Success in managing their employees, especially in trying to achieve a common goal.