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Dream Sculpting

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-29)

This is what I suggest to help Dream Sculpting Review you get there. For most of our normal days, our conscious selves are out there in the space around us dealing with our day to day existence. We seldom take the time to tune into our inner space, our inner selves. Oh sure, we might touch base when we feel hungry or for some other body function, but not much more than that! We allow very few moments for ourselves, becoming aware; exploring our soul and inner thoughts (this by the way is also the place to de-stress and find your inner peace). By learning to take time out of your busy day to enter into that inner space, by becoming "more aware of our own bodies, mind and soul" provides us with at first what appear to be random thoughts, ideas which can then become seeds for your future growth. Call it a recharge, providing a clearer understanding of what is important, what we need to focus and channel our energy to wards. Simple, first find a quiet secluded spot where you will not be disturbed for 5 - 10 minutes. Settle down and relax. Close your eyes while taking a few deep breaths and as you exhale, also relax and release any tension that you feel within you. Release the tension around the eyes, neck and shoulders. Become aware of your breathing and focus your breathing to become relaxed and even. With each exhale allow a little bit more of any tension you become aware of in any part of you. Listen for the rhythmic thump of your heart beat, feel the pulse of blood spreading through you. Become more aware of your body, your arms, stomach movement, legs and feet. You should now be arriving at your most secret place, the meeting place that connects your body with your inner space (your soul and spirit), the "you" within. The meeting place with your subconscious mind.