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Uncompromised Life

by Mathew John (2020-03-30)

Aim to make every meal at least 50% fresh Uncompromised Life Review vegetable based. Drink fresh vegetable juice. Snack on fruit or vegetable crudités with fresh salsa and guacamole. Make your food taste delicious and you will get the reward for your palette and in how you feel.Pick the most challenging, important or profitable task to do first in your workday. Once this is achieved, the other tasks can be more easily managed and with less stress. It will also build momentum and keep you achieving for the rest of the day. Give yourself a reward after you finish your most challenging task so that you feel inspired to get it done as efficiently as possible.Create a balance of work and playtime every day by setting boundaries of what time you will work and (just as important) not work. Allow time to exercise, meditate, juice, cook, connect with loved ones, get fresh air, have sex, buy fresh produce and whatever else is important to you.This will also make you more efficient and productive in the time that you do have. If you know you have a set finish time or a break coming up, you will be more likely to work harder to get your tasks done before that time comes.