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Alphanation Combat Fighter

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-31)

The earth was filled with Alphanation Combat Fighter Review splendor and glory before even man was brought out. But because of the continuous evolution of our capacity of thinking, we noticeably cause severe damage to it. Because of these, nature found out a way on how to get back at us. Here are some of the major disasters that mostly happen nowadays. Earthquakes - Earthquakes are classified into different types depending upon its cause of occurrence. The earthquake that was formed before or after a volcanic eruption is called Volcanic Earthquake. There is also the Tectonic Earthquake which is caused by the moving of tectonic plates on the earth's crust. In the other hand, Collapse earthquakes are small earthquakes that take place around underground mines. Lastly is the Explosion Earthquake that happens because of nuclear explosions. Whatever type of earthquake occurs, it will surely deliver great damage to the victimized area. Avalanche - This only happens, of course, in places where there is snow and snow-caped mountains. This is where snowballs roll down mountains and gets bigger and bigger on the way. This disaster can kill up to 200 persons every year and most of its victims are snowboarders and skiers. Tsunami - One of the most feared phenomenon ever. This giant killing tidal wave will destroy everything in its way. This is caused by volcanic explosions in ocean crates and it is capable of killing all of those who reside near the coastal area. Lightning - It is a natural event that happens when electricity is released by rain clouds or between two or more clouds. It can be very destructive if it hits buildings, or other things on earth. Flood - It is known to be the main tool that God used in order to clean the earth from sinners. The flood can cause total destruction specially to crops, animals and livestock. When this happens, there would be a great possibility that a food shortage will happen.