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Overnight Millionaire System

by Alisa Princy (2020-04-02)

Feelings - We do things Overnight Millionaire System Review because we want to do them; because in some way it makes us feel better, different, more successful etc. We want to feel in some way emotionally uplifted, such as amazing, on top of the world etc. Since positive feelings can be highly addictive we invariably think "It's great to feel like that: I'd love more of where that came from"; and that drives us on to do whatever it takes to have more of those feelings. As we are emotionally, not intellectually, driven to succeed the most successful people work at creating and holding the feelings of success they want. Purpose - When we opt to take a particular course of action our choice between doing X or Y is usually based on what's important to us and what gives us the most buzz. This could relate to our personal values, to what we're passionate about, or to what gives us a sense of purpose. Purpose is what gives our lives direction and guides us into doing the things that produce those worthwhile feelings: the feeling of being able to be the person we are. This is immensely fulfilling and enriching. When people find their work offers little sense of purpose they tend to struggle with lower motivation, less energy and higher levels of frustration than those who are in tune with their purpose. State - Regardless of how good we are at doing something, there can be times when we hesitate, lack confidence, or lose our enthusiasm. So we avoid making those vital sales calls, we can't think of new ideas just when they're needed, or we find it difficult to put in extra effort to complete an important task successfully. This is all due to our being in an unhelpful state where we're missing our feel-good factor and have lost our sense of purpose. In contrast, think of a time when you received great feedback on something you did, and for a moment relive the experience of what you saw, heard and felt. Notice how it changes your mood and energy level. This is changing your state.