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Nerve Renew

by Mathew John (2020-04-06)

I had injured my lower lumbar spine by lifting too Nerve Renew Review much furniture, too quickly. Afterwards, I was left with the sensation of pain along my lower left side. The pain began in the back, but was concentrated along my left leg, centered in the middle of my shin.Unfortunately, when I lay down in my bed I received no relief from the pain. In fact, lying on my regular flat mattress seemed to generate a steady supply of pain in the middle of my left shin. This prompted me to find a comfortable position to sleep, and soon I was frantically adjusting my pillows in every conceivable fashion and angle to obtain at least a little much-need relief.Fortunately, we already had a big wedge pillow at home. I used the wedge to elevate my head, and this seemed to help a little bit. However, I still experimented with a few regular pillows above and below my back and my legs. For example, placing a pillow between my knees seemed to help, at least for a while. I found that some positions seemed to work for a short time, but were too uncomfortable to provide any sustained relief and rest.