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Naturacel Anti Aging Skin Cream

by Jerome Princy (2020-04-07)

If you have dark underarms Naturacel Anti Aging Skin Cream Review and it makes you feel embarrassed about it because you cannot wear your favorite sleeveless tops, then this article will surely help you solve your dilemma in no time. Dark underarms are caused by some factors such as shaving, excessive sweating, using strong fragrant deodorant and very high alcohol content of perfume and even wrong hygiene. But fret not, as there are home remedies that will help you end your nightmare. Before you take a bath, rub a lemon slice on your armpit and leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash it thoroughly with cold water. Instead of using your deodorant, why not use alum powder for awhile until the discoloration on your armpit disappears. Rub some baking powder on your armpit after you take a bath. You can also apply Vitamin E oil or lotion on your armpit after you take a bath or shower. Wash your armpit using coconut oil. Rose water and sandalwood powder are both effective in making your underarms white again. Mix one tablespoon of cucumber juice with a one pinch of turmeric powder and apply it on your underarm. Leave it for fifteen minutes and then wash it thoroughly with cold water. Proper hygiene is also helpful in restoring the whiteness of your underarms. Never scrub it with hard cloth. Now that you have learned these simple but very effective remedies on how to end your problem, you are ready to try one or two of it and see great results in no time.