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Trim 14

by Alisa Princy (2020-04-07)

What gave them this Trim 14 Review legitimacy? A new thing called cholesterol. This was a lucky break for these aspiring wannabe experts. Most people, at that time, would have shown a very high cholesterol count, largely due to a diet which had changed very little for centuries. So the 'experts' adopted cholesterol as their base of authority. They added together the two types of cholesterol, the good and the bad. The good cholesterol, HDL, cancels out the bad LDH. The difference is your true cholesterol count. So by adding the numbers together, the 'experts' produced a meaningless, but very high score for just about everybody. They had discovered a huge cholesterol problem with the population of the day, which required their intervention. They had found their credibility along with a huge customer base. All they needed was a product... A diet A highly publicized diet was launched soon after, with a poster of a pyramid depicting the various food groups. The base was 30% carbohydrates solids. Next were levels of fruits and vegetables, also carbohydrates. A new, young generation thought; 'finally some modern advice about food, instead of the boring fare that grandma recommends. The diet did not undergo any legitimate scientific tests or human trials to support the claims that this was the ultimate healthy diet and should be followed by everyone, regardless of body size. The credibility of that pyramid, lasted for around twenty years, and at least two generations grew up on it. Parents trusted the experts. But sadly, these were not experts and their diet was very far from healthy. Not only did it recommend a total of more than 50% carbohydrate, it advocated only a small amount of protein. Protein is the essential building blocks for kids to grow up healthy and there was no recommended age limit on that diet. Literately millions of kids were nurtured on that pyramid. When they went on to become parents, they passed it on to their children, and ensured that they too followed a diet so badly thought out, that today it is vilified today around the world. So now we see little kids start school already obese, and we open our morning newspaper to find an enormously fat newborn baby on the front page.