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Memory Plus Program

by Jerome Princy (2020-04-08)

Knowing how to keep your mind Memory Plus Program Review sharp is of vital importance as we get older, after all I am sure we all know of people who constantly forget everything and whilst it may be amusing it should also be of concern. I say that because as we get older it should not be the norm to become forgetful and lack concentration. There are a couple of ways how to keep your mind sharp that are of importance such as doing brain training games or solving puzzles such as crosswords or maths puzzles. After all we need to treat the brain like a muscle and exercise it regularly. However just like a muscle it also needs to be nourished properly, and the best way to do this is through increasing the amount of omega 3 you take. We have probably all heard omega 3 is important for good health, but the omega 3 from oily fish is of particular importance if you want find a way how to keep your mind sharp. The reason for this is because of the essential fat DHA that it contains. The reason DHA is called an essential fat is because apart from the initial dose we get from our mother while we are in the womb, our body does not create any more of it so we have to actively get it from the foods we eat. The relevance between this fat and how to keep your mind sharp is that it actually makes up around 25% of the tissues in your brain. If you are lacking in it then the body replaces it with another fat DPA, and when this takes place this is when you start to have memory and concentration problems. As well as it being a highly effective way how to keep your mind sharp, the omega 3 also benefits your health in other ways too and one of those ways is helping to protect your heart from disease. Considering that apart from cancer heart disease is the biggest killer in the western world, this is quite significant.