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Metabolic Stretching

by Mathew John (2020-04-09)

There are certain places clumsy people like me Metabolic Stretching Review should avoid: cliffsides, china shops, and above all, ballet studios. So at first, agreeing to join an intermediate-level adult ballet class seemed like a horrible mistake. The class at HealthQuest in Flemington began with instructor Maryann Barraco leading a warm-up of barre routines. "Plié! Piqué! Arabesque!" she commanded. The words went over my head - it was all French to me. But I followed along the best I could and found that I was able to use some of my yoga experience to my advantage: Holding a pose on demi-pointe was a variation of tree balancing pose, and the splits came easy after all those months of building flexibility. I ended up enjoying my brief stint as a ballerina. "Because ballet requires very specific positions and movements, it builds strength and flexibility to all major muscle groups and develops your sense of balance and body awareness," Barraco says. "You not only acquire a longer, leaner body, but you also learn one of the world's most beautiful art forms."