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X Trend Premium

by Alisa Princy (2020-04-11)

I had my blog up and X Trend Premium running, I was posting on it and I had even written two articles on EzineArticles, but I was not getting any traffic and, of course, any leads and any purchases on the product I was promoting. That was already my third attempt to earn money on Internet. I had changed the niche I had started working on and created new blogs hoping that the problem would be on the chosen niches. The reality although, was now showing me that the problem was not in the niches also and I felt discouraged and thought of give it up. Fortunately I am not the kind of guy that gives up easily and I refused to do it. I decided that I should focus on what I was doing living the earning money apart. Now I know that was the best decision I could ever take. I now know as well, that what was happening was something that I did not read on all the information I had taken. In fact I think it was implicit on it and it was very obvious but being such overwhelmed as I was back then I did not realize it. The problem was all that jumping from one to another niche. It is very well clear for me now, that I did not know that although blogging could be a very profitable way to earn money on Internet, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and that it takes time before one can establish the traction needed to build up a readership. Although, the two articles that I had written were definitely not enough to get traffic, the main problem was on my lack of constancy. If I had focused on only one niche and stick with it I would have worked hard enough on it and written much more articles getting as a result an enforcement of my credibility as a blogger and as an Internet business marketer. The truth is That as soon as I realized that to earn money on Internet I had to be realistic and focused, refusing to get distracted and tempted by the idea of getting rich fast and easy, I opened the doors for my business success. I hope that someone who is starting to build a business online hoping to earn money on Internet by blogging reads this article and get to understand that every business as almost everything in life, has to have its maturation time before it gets really profitable. It is essential that beside all the work and determination on earning money out of a blog or a site that one can be also very persistent and that after choosing a niche and starting to work on it refuses to get distracted by any hype or advertising.

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