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Back Pain Sos

by Mathew John (2020-04-12)

After the practitioner has completed the initial Back Pain Sos Review treatment the chances are excellent the patient will then lay on a treatment table and begin a 12 to 20 minute interferential treatment. There is a large clinical machine beside the table and the practitioner will apply 2 to 4 self adhering electrodes to the patient. The machine is turned on with the instructions to the patient to tell the practitioner when the patient "feels the sensation". The interferential machine is turned up till the patient declares it is feeling good to the patient and the pain has diminished.At this point the practitioner sets the timer on the interferential unit and will leave the room. The patient quietly lies on the table until the interferential machine stops treating. Once the machine stops then the patient in almost all cases actually feels better and the pain is either gone or severely diminished.Now the "guessing game" begins. The patient, especially in the Chiropractic field, goes to the payment window and is asked to pay the bill. This is a crucial step in determining the efficacy of the interferential treatment. For many Chiropractic Physicians the service may not have been covered by insurance and the patient is paying out of pocket for the treatment.