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Meridian Health Protocol

by Wetzell Wetzell (2020-04-17)

It dawned on me that Meridian Health Protocol Review positive and negative emotions create enlightenment. That was the beginning of my intention to formulate clinically the basis of the method 20 years ago, which I later composed and taught people how to utilize. You have an interesting childhood background. The teachers and doctors almost wrote you off. How did you turn out otherwise? Yes, I was told I would never amount to anything. I dropped out of school at 14 and was an aimless street kid for a while. Then I met a teacher at 17 in Hawaii on North Shore in a yoga class. He believed I could do it. This opportunity to meet a 93-year-old philosopher had me have an epiphany that turned my life around. At 18 I moved back to Texas and lived for 18 months with parents who were happy I was back at school after getting my GED and becoming a top student. The street years were 13 to 18 and I was in Texas, Mexico, California, hitchhiked across America, and then got to Hawaii. I never focused on that drifter experience. I was into surfing and made my way to Hawaii. I had a goal to surf and my epiphany at 17 to be a teacher. I had such a desire to be a teacher and with that energy nothing stopped me. How do you explain your triumph over the label "learning disabled" and what do you want to say to parents who have a young child being labeled this way? Can you share the key milestones from the boy who was written off by teachers to the man you are today who travels the world spreading a positive message for many people? What key quality in you do you believe caused you to prove them wrong the world over? Meeting the teacher was so huge. He almost died at 17 and dedicated his life to wisdom. He was a major catalyst. I'd also met a bum in El Paso, Texas who told me to learn and love wisdom. It all took root at 17. At 18 I failed first college test after GED, I had a determination, I wasn't letting anything stop me. I became a voracious student learning anything I could. I'd devour anything 3 to 20 hours a day. Did you ever think you'd be doing this? I just assumed I would be a surfer. I rode the biggest waves in the world. Whatever I really set my mind to I found a way to do it.

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