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Meridian Health Protocol

by Wetzell Wetzell (2020-04-17)

As we need to maintain Meridian Health Protocol Review a balanced diet, we also need to maintain a balance between stress and relaxation. If a person takes stress and does not relax his body, then life would be adversely affected by it. Stress causes our heart rate to speed up, increase in heavy breathing and blood pressure. Stress causes heart diseases, chest pains, headaches, high blood pressure and can even affect our digestive system. Feeling overworked and tired is as unhealthy as obesity. If somebody figures out that he is being stressed out he should go use relaxation as a proper diet to maintain the level of stress. Techniques: Breathing is the most immediate technique of relaxation. When you feel stressed out, take deep breaths and lower your breathing to decrease high heart rate and decrease excessive blood pressure. Shut your eyes to eradicate visual stress and to increase the attention towards breathing. Use your imagination to travel to peaceful and quite places. If an individual wants to increase their meditation skills, one should try yoga and Tai Chi. These will increase awareness in our body. Depression is one of the major factors for lack of concentration. The depression could be due to personal relationships, inferiority complex, death of loved one or work pressure. Slow thought process/preoccupied with thoughts can also decline your concentration ability and makes it difficult for you to focus or pay attention to any given task. Disinterestedness or the feeling of boredom triggers lack of concentration. Anxiety can hamper your concentration to a large extent when your mind unable to think about anything else except the reason of your anxious behaviour in such situations you mind cannot concentrate.

What is Meridian Health Protocol?