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by Mathew John (2020-04-01)

My name is LeeAnn Harper and I have helped FloraSpring Review many people achieve the fat loss results that they have always desired. If you want to know how others have achieved their weight loss goals then you should download my FREE 6 video course. It will guide you along the process of getting the fat loss results you have always wanted.Calories are not all created equal, a calorie coming from sugar is not the same as a calorie coming from a piece of meat. The reason being they both have a different response to insulin. Insulin determines whether you will burn body fat,maintain body fat or store body fat. So if you were on a 1400 calorie diet that included sugars, coming from fruit, breads, pasta and other starches, you most likely be in a calorie deflect but not burning any body fat because you are giving your body the wrong foods to signal any fat burning.The Reason Why a No sugar and Low carbohydrate diet signals the best fat burning results.If we were to put you on a 1400 calorie diet that didn't have any sugars or carbohydrates that will eventually turn into sugar inside your body you would be in a place to burn fat all day long. Your insulin levels would be nice and low so that burning body fat would be easily achievable.