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by Mathew John (2020-02-17)

One of the simplest psychological tricks is to do with association. When you feel pleasure doing something your mind automatically links the act/experience with pleasure. If you think about that act/experience at some later date you will often be rushed with the same or similar pleasurable feeling. An example is a cough medicine I had when I was a child, it was a light green coloured medicine and to this day if I think of the bottle I cringe and retch a little! Now the trick with association is that you can manipulate it. Think of a food that you cannot eat, something that you REALLY dislike to the point it makes you sick. Now the next time you get a craving for a food that you really want but you know is bad for you, think about the food that makes you feel sick and then picture the food your craving. Repeat this over and over in your head. The first time it may even help to get a picture of the food you're craving and then think of the food you dislike while looking at the picture. Yes this may sound a little weird but what you are doing is associating that 'bad feeling' with the food you're craving which should after some practice reduce if not eliminate the craving.