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Meridian Health Protocol

by Mathew John (2020-02-26)

Robert Bondy (England) Pro Boxer - " No go, Meridian Health Protocol Review whatsoever. If you are training for a fight camp, whether it is a 6 or 8 week camp, doesn't matter, no alcohol for a training camp. Most people grow up being able to drink and being able to in between their camps, and that is acceptable as it is important for a person to mentally recover and spend time with their friends and family and for it not be a burden. But for a training camp, no alcohol. It just affects too many things that can cost you a fight."Silviu Vulc (Romania) MMA coach, former Red Devil fight team member, former Romanian boxing coach - " It is not too bad to have a glass of alcohol or a beer after training, as long as it is with food or dinner, as it can help relax the body after a training session. A glass of wine is best. But before an event, for 6 weeks, no alcohol.Boyd 'Gypsy' Clark (Australia) Muay Thai, Boxing - "If for some reason you had to, one alcoholic drink wouldn't really affect training. If your fight camp was set out for six weeks, I would like to think that you would not drink any alcohol, more than one drink if you absolutely had to. More than anything, it would hinder your recovery, so you would never be able to push yourself to 100% in your training sessions."